(VIDEO) – Mercedes EQB 2022 review – why ICE cars are DEAD!

Introducing the new Mercedes EQB!

If you think the EQB looks pretty familiar… Well, you’d be right! This all-new electric car is based on the petrol-powered Mercedes GLB. The question is, with so few 7-seater electric cars available at the moment, does the EQB offer enough to turn you away from the Tesla Model X or Y?

Well, for starters, let’s check out the stats. There are two versions of the EQB available, and both come with two electric motors. We’ve got our hands on the range-topping EQB 350, which can deliver 292hp.

Both editions come with a 66kWh battery pack, and they’re good for a claimed range of 257-miles.

Once you take a look inside, the interior is pretty familiar to all recent Mercedes releases. But that’s no bad thing! It means you’ll find two large infotainment screens throughout, along with high-quality materials throughout the cabin.

But is it worth the £52,000 starting price? And does it really offer enough to turn you away from choosing a Tesla instead? You’ll have to stick with Mat and see for yourself!

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