(VIDEO) – Living with an Audi RS6 – What I loved… And hated!

It’s a truly sad day here at carwow HQ… The time has come for Mat to say goodbye to his Audi RS6!

It’s been his very own long-term test car for the past several months, and it’s now time to find out just what it’s really like to live with Audi’s range-topping performance estate.

There are some qualities that probably don’t need explaining in this video. For one, we’re all surely in agreement that it looks great both inside & out, right? And when it comes to taking on competitors over the quarter-mile, it can easily hold its own… At least, it can if the track’s wet!

But then again, racing down the quarter-mile isn’t everything, and it’s fair to say there are some things which Mat wasn’t so fond of! And when you consider you’ll be paying £100,000+ for an RS6, surely you want to be satisfied with every little bit of the car, right?!

Want to find out what problems Mat had with his RS6? And more importantly, want to find out whether he would willing choose one if he had the opportunity to buy one? Well you know what to do… Sit back, relax and enjoy his RS6 Goodbye review!

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