The CLEANEST 100k miles BMW M5 V10! Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, Headlights, Interior!

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For me the best sounding cars are V10 that’s include F1and when we talking about F1 the M boys enlisted the help of BMW’s Formula 1 department to create the E60 M5.
Like the original M5, the E60 M5 became the fastest sedan in the world shortly after it was launched. I really love M5 E60 so I was very excited to work on this beast.

Our client taking care of his car very well, actually I have to say that this car was in one of the best condition that we start work on it. Usually all cars that came to our shop needs much more work.

After full inspection we decided to do one step paint correction and locally two steps. We also restored headlights for better look visibility and after that we installed PPF (aka clear-bra). When the paint was done we applied Ceramic Coating for easy maintenance and keeping this black beast clean for longer time. We also applied ceramic coating on exhaust tips and windshield just in case if the car will be ever driven in rain. Last thing was the interior which also was in really nice condition but after our touch was even better.

Now the car looks like brand new and believe or not but this black beast has almost 100k miles.
Everything is about maintenance and how you take care of it. This is the owner you want buy a car from.

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