NEW BRABUS G800 G63 XLP SUPERWHITE! Interior Exterior Walkaround

An exclusive supercar was never seen in this form before: The BRABUS 800 Adventure XLP. The pickups of the model year 2020 are available in an exclusive limited “First Edition.”
Based on the Mercedes G 63 AMG, our engineers, technicians, and designers developed a high-performance pickup with outstanding off-road capability, which they achieved with a newly designed BRABUS special suspension with portal axles. This results in a ground clearance of 49 centimeters (19.2 inches). In addition to the BRABUS WIDESTAR widebody design, the newly designed pickup bed characterizes the looks of this unusual vehicle built by BRABUS.

Of course, the BRABUS 800 Adventure XLP also offers luxury and individuality at its finest in the interior. Each vehicle can be enhanced in the company upholstery shop with a BRABUS fine leather interior tailored to the vehicle owner’s personal preferences in every detail.

The “First Edition” pickups are outfitted with the finest leather, whose burned oak color creates a contrast with the optional ROCKET silver matte paintwork. The center sections of the seats feature shell-shaped quilting and perforations applied with pinpoint precision. Some areas such as the headliner were upholstered with black Alcantara. For the other BRABUS 800 Adventure XLP pickups, customers can have every detail of the interior upholstered in virtually any desired color. In addition, they can choose from a wide variety of upholstery layouts. Tailor-made aluminum components such as pedals, door-lock pins, and ergonomic paddle shifters on the steering wheel add markedly sporty touches in the cockpit.

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