NEW 2023 G900 BRABUS SUPERBLACK +SOUND! Brabus CEO Private Car! Interior Exterior & POV DRIVE

I AM BACK with the all new 2022 G900 Superblack Brabus based on the 2022 G63 on our YouTube Channel featuring a stunning paintwork in obsidian black! 😍
In this video, we will be having a walk around showing you the Exterior and Interior Features of the all new Brabus Superblack G900 4 matic & will also let you hear the crazy sound of this BRABUS ROCKET!

The BRABUS 900 Superblack is the third addition to our monochrome design series of highly exclusive BRABUS signature supercars, defined at its core by the apex of uncompromising rocket ship power and an extravagant BRABUS 1-Second-Wow Character. Based on the Mercedes-AMG G 63, this next-level Geländewagen represents the very heart of the BRABUS roots – designed to push the limits with its unmistakable black and bold design, breathtaking performance and bespoke Masterpiece luxury.

Defining the bold looks of the brand new BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition is a tailor-made, newly developed variant of the signature BRABUS Widestar exterior concept. Designed not only to give the SUV its extra athletic appearance but also its hyperspace aerodynamics, this purpose-built design features a special, all-carbon front spoiler enhanced by custom side flaps which reinvents the car’s iconic face while reducing front-axle lift at its staggeringly high speeds which, in turn, results in immaculate handling stability. In the rear, an emphatically sporty, roof-mounted wing as well as a custom diffuser maximize the full aerodynamic potential of the all-new BRABUS 900.

The unmistakable character of the BRABUS 900 Superblack is defined by its unique Widestar exterior design; now exclusively restyled with a classic BRABUS Signature paint finish in “Obsidian Black Metallic” for a particularly sporty feel, underlined by exceptional attention to detail. High-End carbon fiber elements implemented around the all-black chassis accentuate the luxury Geländewagen’s signature features ensuring an unmistakable 1-Second-Wow BRABUS Appearance designed to make you the center of attention no matter where your journey may take you.

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Details about the Mercedes Benz G63 G900 Brabus ROCKET Edition 1 of 25 for PetrolHeads:
It’s equipped with a 900 HP V8 engine which produces 1250 Nm of torque SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed sports transmission and all-wheel drive.
Brabus G900 Rocket Edition 0-100 km/h (62mph) can be reached in 3.7 seconds!
The top speed VMAX is electronically limited to 280 km/h (174mph)

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