Lucid Air driving REVIEW Dream Edition – is it the best EV in the world?

This is our in-depth review of the Lucid Air. We’re taking a look at Exterior, Interior and the driving experience.

00:00 Lucid Air – what is their plan?
01:00 Lucid Air Dream as top performance model
01:51 Range
02:35 Design and technology
04:22 Lights and aerodynamics
04:48 Length and glass roof
05:42 Rear
06:10 Trunk / boot
07:41 Frunk
08:47 Interior finish
10:01 Seating position
10:13 Cockpit with 5K Display
12:04 No Head-up-Display?
12:41 Infotainment and lower screen
15:01 Floating sun visor
15:27 Steering wheel
16:04 Rear seating and battery packs
18:57 Battery kWh details and charging
19:53 Driving the Lucid Air with agile corners
25:15 Highway driving
25:48 Recuperation
27:53 Acceleration swift
28:18 Acceleration sprint
29:45 Panoramic roof while driving
30:28 Noise insulation
30:56 Recharging anywhere and with high speed?
32:19 So how good is it in driving?

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