Lamborghini Urus Mansory Review – SUPER SUV!

The infamous builds by Mansory are nothing new. And they have gone bonkers with this SUPER SUV. THE Lamborghini Urus Venatus. The factory Lamborghini Urus looks bland and normal in front of the Venatus wide-body build.

Mansory has given the Urus a wide-body treatment with loads and loads of carbon-fiber add-ons. The hood, side apron, side skirts, front splitter, rear diffuser, spoiler(s), and mirror covers are all made of carbon fiber. Mansory also has its own set of savage wheel collections, which, again, is forged from carbon fiber.

Performance specs

4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8
820 horsepower (603 kilowatts)
774 pound-feet of torque

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