I Just Bought A $20,000 Japanese Rolls-Royce – The V12 Toyota Century

The 2004 Toyota Century V12 ($28,000 CAD, ~$22,000 USD converted) is special for many reasons. It has the only V12 in a series production car from Japan, and has some of the best paint on any car ever – seven layers of it! Also, up until recently the V12 Century was only ever driven outside of Japan by high-ranking diplomats and ambassadors.

But for James this car is now even more special. He has purchased it from Eclection Auto in Vaughan and is currently using it as a companion to his own beloved Miata. It has quiet and comfortable wool trimmed seats, a buttery smooth ride that could make even a certain British manufacturer blush, and loads of early 2000’s Japanese tech. But let’s see what made James fall in love with this Toyota Century and hear what Thomas has to say about the purchase. We hope you enjoy the episode. Thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE!

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