How BMW saved people from East Berlin

The company made a film that shows a true story with Isetta (VIDEO)

BMW has made a short film that tells the real story of escaping from East Berlin with the help of the small Isetta car.
The film is called “The Small Escape”, recalling how 9 people managed to escape from the East Germany during the Berlin Wall. The events take place in 1964, and the main character is Klaus-Günther Jacobi, who fled East Berlin to the Federal Republic of Germany 6 years earlier.

However, Jacobi remained many friends in East Germany, helping some of them escape. For this purpose, he uses the small Isetta, developed by BMW. This machine does not arouse the suspicion of customs and border guards, as it is quite narrow even for two people.

To get his friend Manfred Koster out, Jacoby removes the air filter and spare tire. He then left for East Berlin, where he took Koster. At midnight on May 24, 1964, the two successfully crossed the border. Then, according to the same scheme, 8 more people were evacuated from the GDR.

Jacobi’s car is now part of the exposition of the Berlin Wall Museum, where 79-year-old Klaus-Günther works as a tour guide.

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