Dream job – Dodge is looking for a master of drift with a salary of 150,000 dollars

US company announces vacancy competition (VIDEO)

Dodge has announced a competition for the vacant position of “Major Donut Producer”. As you might guess, this is not about someone who will make treats, but about someone who will leave traces of burnt tires on the road.

The Americans are looking for a master of drift, offering him an annual salary of $ 150,000. Anyone can participate in the competition, and applications are accepted until the end of February. Dodge points out that the potential candidate should be not only a master behind the wheel, but also a charismatic person, as he will also be an ambassador of the brand.

The duties of the elected will include participation in competitions, press conferences and presentations. Applications are accepted on the brand’s website in the form of short videos, in which the applicant must demonstrate both his drifting skills and creativity.

A special jury will review all applications and select 10 people who will compete in an unusual reality show. The winner will be able to drive the top models of Dodge all year round and receive decent money for it.

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