BMW i4 vs. Tesla Model 3: first collision in the real world

Can the Bavarian sedan fight the leader in the segment? (VIDEO)

Only a few years ago, Tesla had no tough competitors, but times have changed. Most manufacturers now offer competitors electric cars, especially Hyundai, Porsche and BMW, which have been particularly active recently.

The most underestimated of this group seems to be the BMW i4, which finally faced Tesla Model 3 Performance in real conditions. The test was done by Matw Watson of Carwow, who shared his impressions of the direct opposition of the two electric models. For comparison, he chose the i40 M50 version.

The BMW i4 is the first direct competitor of the Tesla product brand and this is clear from its data. The M50 uses two engines to generate 540 hp. The Tesla Model 3 Performance also has two engines, developing 480 hp. The Bavarian battery has a capacity of 81 kW / h, while that of the Model 3 has 77 kW / h.

Prices are roughly the same – the i4 starts at $ 65,000, while Tesla starts at $ 58,000. However, the electric BMW uses a loan of $ 7,500, while the Model 3 does not. But what about in the real world?

According to Matt Watson, Tesla leaves no chance to its rival. The Model 3 may not be as powerful, but it’s not obvious, as it launches from 0 to 96 km / h in 3.6 seconds, while the i4 needs 4.2 seconds. However, not everything is speed, as the electric BMW excels in the quality of materials and equipment, but this is not enough to win such a comparison.

“Tesla is cheaper, faster and can go further. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the Model 3 can travel 507 km, while BMW will stop after 434 km while driving. That’s why we will have to wait a little longer so that someone can pull out an electric car to beat Tesla “, Watson is categorical.

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