2023 Black Bentley Continental GTC Speed – Pure Luxury in Detail

2023 Black Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible W12 – Sound, Brown Interior and Exterior Design in Detail. Please Consider Subscribing.

The all-new Continental GT W12 Convertible heightens the sensory experience of open-air motoring with exhilarating performance. A powerful 6.0-litre Bentley W12 engine is mated to a dual-clutch eight-speed transmission, for faster, more efficient gear changes.

The muscular exterior design, created using revolutionary technology, results in a lightweight, yet stiff, body. The engine is positioned further back to improve weight distribution, resulting in driver-focused, dynamic performance. Add to this our 48-volt Dynamic Ride System, and it concludes in a responsive ride, exceptional handling and refinement in all road conditions. The new system controls ride comfort and lateral roll, cushioning passengers from excessive movement as well as making the car feel effortlessly precise.

The convertible roof can be deployed or stowed in just 19 seconds, with the car travelling at speeds of up to 30 mph (50 km/h). The newly designed neckwarmer is seamlessly integrated into the heated Comfort Seats, optimising efficiency and airflow around the electrically adjustable headrests. The styling highlight of the new neckwarmer is a chrome centre vane that stretches the full width of the duct, echoing Bentley’s famous ‘bullseye’ vents. Combined with a heated steering wheel, seat heaters and new heated armrests, these sophisticated comfort features create a luxurious driving experience in all environments with the roof up or down.

The Continental GT W12 also showcases an advanced, fully digital, driver-focused instrument panel and Bentley Rotating Display for the driver. The latter features an impressive 12.3” touchscreen housed in a three-sided unit, which revolves the veneer to reveal the touchscreen as well as three elegant analogue dials.

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