Official: The new Bugatti will have an internal combustion engine!

The brand’s next hypercar will not be electric, but it does not prevent it from being a hybrid, said Mate Rimac

If you have several million euros and do not know what to do with them, you can no longer spend them to buy a new Bugatti. The French manufacturer has announced that it has sold all its products and all cars that should be produced by 2024 have owners. These are Chiron and its derivatives such as Chiron Super Sport and Bolide, whose total circulation of 500 units has been exhausted.

This means that the company must present a new model, which is expected in 2024. After Bugatti’s marriage to Rimac, many expected Chiron’s successor to be fully electric, but Croatian company founder Mate Rimac was quick to dispel the allegations. He addressed customers and fans of the brand with a special video, in which he assured them that the next Bugatti will keep the internal combustion engine.

Rimaz did not want to reveal whether the new model of the brand will continue to use the 8.0-liter W16, as well as whether the engine will be connected to one or more electric motors, which will turn the car into a hybrid. He said only that Bugatti’s future jewel would have “features never seen before”.

“We will surprise you, especially with features not seen in other cars, and we will continue to move in the direction of internal combustion engines. The quality and personality of the Bugatti brand will remain intact, true to its origins, but aimed at developing and improving everything that has been achieved so far. My commitment, as well as that of Buagtti-Rimac, is to keep this promise, “said the Croatian entrepreneur.

Photo: Bugatti

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