The Lamborghini Urus crossed the 1,000-horsepower mark

The new project for finishing the crossover is of two large tuning companies

The Lamborghini Urus may be one of the few SUVs where the word Sport (Sport Utility Vehicles) stays in place. The Italian supermodel stirred the spirits with its appearance and logically became the best-selling model of the brand, offering the well-known aggressive design of the company, combined with solid dynamics.

Although the Urus has an impressive 650 horsepower since the factory – more than some supercars, we know that’s not always enough. And the recent collaboration between two of the big tuning companies – Mansory and MTM – proves it to us, which has affected (by many) both the dynamic characteristics of the crossover and the design, which has become even more brutal.

Mansory, who designed the machine, made the modern Rambo Lambo with even more sharp features and edges, as well as giant air intakes that can be seen from the moon. The aerodynamic kit also includes a new diffuser, and the appearance is complemented by a new exhaust system with triple trapezoidal tips located in the middle of the rear.

MTM has started to “squeeze” significantly more power than the 4-liter V8 unit of the machine. Specialists have added a pair of more massive turbochargers, a modified fuel supply system and a special air filter. The power of the Lamborghini Urus has reached a colossal 1001 horsepower, making the crossover equivalent to the first Bugatti Veyron with its W16 8-liter engine.

The torque – 1250 Nm, which is electronically controlled so as not to damage the gearbox, has also become impressive. The latter is a seriously enhanced version of the familiar 8-speed from ZF. There are no official data on acceleration and top speed yet, but we remind you that in its “commodity” version Urus accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds and reaches 305 km / h.

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