The Lamborghini Gallardo has become a unique speedster

Monterossa Speedster has all the qualities of the perfect supercar

The DRVN Concepts team has created perhaps the world’s greatest Lamborghini Gallardo. The project, called the Monterossa Speedster, is a unique fully open car that has sacrificed body panels in the name of lightness and dynamism. The machine will be produced in limited edition, definitely offering a solid dose of what we want from Italian supercars.

When it comes to supercars, we can by no means call Lamborghini boring. In fact, the brand was created to avoid boring cars and to oppose the then dominance of Ferrari. Over time, however, the world of supermachines has become quite standardized, and the “edge” design of Italian machines seems to have become something we are used to.

DRVN Concepts obviously understood the above very well and tried to get out of the crowd and be able to turn an “everyday” Lamborghini Gallardo into the supercar you dreamed of when you looked at Countach posters.

According to DRVN experts, “the inspiration for Monterossa lies in motorcycle design”. The company’s founder Nick Renner dreamed of a supercar that embodies the mechanical beauty and inner experience of a superbike, with the raw emotion and appeal of an exotic car. “This combination creates a stark contrast between the smooth, sexy surface at the front of the car and the powerful V10, the suspension, the muffler and the rear components,” says Renner.

The “stripping” of the body and the removal of components from it has allowed the Monterossa Speedster to have a power-to-weight ratio of about 2 kg per horsepower. This means more than solid and deadly dynamics. To feel it, you will have to hurry and reach for it – the speedstar will be released in a limited series of 15 pieces. And for each of them you will need a helmet, because there is no windshield …

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