Lamborghini announced the end of an era

This year the company will launch its latest model only with internal combustion engines

The Italian manufacturer Lamborghini plans to launch its latest cars with a clean petrol engine in 2022. The company’s chief executive, Stefan Winkelmann, called it “the end of an era in the brand’s history”.

Until now, it was known that Lamborghini will say goodbye to internal combustion engines in the second half of the decade. Those who want a new supercar of the Italian brand only with an internal combustion engine have only a year available. After that, the Italians will offer only models with hybrid drive.

Winkelman added that his company had a perfect start to 2022. He recalled that in 2021 Lamborghini recorded its best achievement of all time, selling 8,405 vehicles worldwide. The main “fault” for this achievement is the crossover Urus, whose sales reached 5021 units.

This year, the Italian brand intends to present four new models, and this will be part of the preparations for the electrification of the model range. The company does not specify what models are in question and when they will be shown. It is assumed that one of them will be a replacement for the Aventador with V12 engine.

As for electrification, the management of the VW Group, which owns Lamborghini, has so far invested 1.5 billion euros, and this amount will be spent on switching to plug-in hybrids. The first series of such models will be released next year, while the all-electric model of the brand will be released in 2025.

Photos: Lamborghini

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