General Motors threatened its dealers with sanctions

The reason is the huge mark-ups that dealers put on new cars

The management of the American giant General Motors has threatened to deprive its dealers of supplies if they continue to impose large markups on new cars. The concern promised to review the quotas in favor of its most loyal and respected by its customers.

The letter that GM dealers received from management was published on the Silverado Evolution website. It says that with their frauds a number of dealers provoke negative reviews for the car manufacturer, which affects the reputation of the brand. At the same time, due to the continuing shortage of automotive components, both the group and its official dealers have to make great efforts to meet customer expectations.

An investigation by management has found that a large number of dealer companies are asking their customers for additional amounts that exceed the pre-established price for GM models. Thus, customers pay much more than the recommended retail price of individual models.

A spokesman for the Detroit-based automaker said GM reserves the right to reallocate existing quotas or to resort to alternative redress methods provided for in dealer agreements.

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