BMW merges the 4 and 8 Series into one

Future models will be available as the 6 Series

Demand for coupes and convertibles has fallen sharply in recent years, and consumers are increasingly beginning to avoid more impractical cars. This led to serious reorganizations in the range of luxury brands. Mercedes, for example, decided to stop not only the S-Class Coupe and Convertible, but also the AMG GT Roadster and SLC. In addition, the Germans will merge the two-door versions of the C-Class and E-Class into a single model – CLE.

You probably remember that BMW’s main rivals can’t help but follow the same or similar path. And that seems to be happening, at least according to rumors launched by the Australian publication WhichCar. According to a publication there, it is clear that the coupe and convertible of the 4 Series, as well as those of the 8 Series will not live to see the next generation. Instead, the two families will be merged into the 6 Series.

The change is expected to become a fact by 2026. We would like to remind you that BMW still offers a representative of the 6 Series – Gran Turismo in some markets as an alternative to the 5 Series Touring. Maybe it’s time for the older model to be taken out of production and the whole range of the 6 Series to bet on something new.

And while it is clear that the two-door versions will change completely, there is no mention of the fate of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. WhichCar, however, mentions something much more interesting for his older brother – the 8 Series Gran Coupe. According to journalists, the four-door version of the “eight” will become a member of the Series 7 range, offering a more attractive alternative to the conventional sat there.

The revival of the 6 Series is quite important for the German manufacturer, as it has a very serious historical significance for the brand. BMW has been widely criticized for “upgrading” the 8 Series range and leaving the most boring GT version with the “Six” logo. As for the BMW 4 GC, it may not survive, as the company will leave only the electric i4 in this segment.

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