The Chinese showed the interior of a hybrid with a scary name

The interior of the BYD Destroyer 05 resembles that of Tesla and offers impressive features.

At the Guangzhou Motor Show last November, Chinese manufacturer BYD unveiled the Destroyer 05, a hybrid sedan that travels up to 120 km on electricity alone. Now the manufacturer has shown the interior of the model, which receives a huge touch screen for infotainment system (similar to Tesla) and a large number of technological features.

The sedan is part of a series of plug-in hybrids “Warship”, sold together with the all-electric family “Marine Life” in the newly established commercial network of BYD, called Ocean Net. The shocking name (Destroyer means Destroyer) is positioned between the 4780 mm long Toyota Corolla and Camry sedans, 1837 mm wide, 1495 mm high and 2718 mm wheelbase.

The exterior design is standard on a model in this class, equipped with slim LED lights, a large radiator grille covering most of the front bumper, and an aerodynamic silhouette.

The main focus is on the 15.6-inch touch screen, which is combined with an 8.8-inch digital display on the dashboard. There are several buttons in the center tunnel, including a cylindrical gearshift knob, as well as a drive mode selector and a start-stop button. You can also see the lighting on the dashboard, red accents on the vents and upholstered in white seats with integrated headrests.

Destroyer 05 is available in two plug-in hybrid variants, including BYD’s super-hybrid DM-i system with two battery variants. Both versions are equipped with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine producing 110 hp. and are available with one or two electric motors for a combined power of 179 hp. or 194 hp The smaller battery offers a range of 55 km, and the larger – up to 120 km. Sedan prices range between $ 19,000 and $ 24,000.

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