Car electronics will grow by another 15% every year

Which Bulgarian components are used in Tesla Model 3: we are talking to Mark Biron, CEO of Melexis.

The production of automotive components is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Bulgarian economy in recent years, and a major tool in the fight against the brain drain to the West. But there are huge upheavals in this sector due to the abandonment of internal combustion engines and electrification. How will this affect the automotive industry in Bulgaria? We asked this question to Mark Biron, CEO of Melexis. The Belgian company is one of the world leaders in the production of automotive chips and sensors, and its main production base is in Sofia. Biron flew specifically to Sofia to participate in the Tech21: CarTech conference, organized by Bloomberg TV Bulgaria. Here is what he answered the questions of the editor-in-chief of Automedia Konstantin Tomov, who was the moderator of the conference.

Europe is moving away from internal combustion engines – a shock to most component manufacturers. However, this is not the case with Melexis – even today a Tesla Model 3 contains about 30 of your chips. Is the green transition a challenge or an opportunity for the company?
“I’d say it’s both. It’s a challenge because the car’s electrification comes with a lot of new applications, and we have to adapt our products to those applications. But the truth is, we’ve been working in that direction for ten years. challenge, yes, but also a great opportunity.All these changes will come with more and more electronic components in the car.To give you an example, today the standard car contains an average of 13 Melexis chips.Due to electrification this number will increase to 20 chips “.

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