After nearly a century, there is a new sales leader in the United States

Toyota dethroned General Motors for the first time since 1931.

Japanese carmaker Toyota Motor has overtaken General Motors in U.S. sales, and for the first time since 1931, the Detroit group is not at the top of the list. Toyota sold 2.332 million new cars last year, while GM’s result was 2.218 million, according to Reuters.

GM’s sales in the US fell 13% in 2021, while Toyota reported growth of 10%. The last time the American concern had a lower result in 2010 – 2.202 million. In 2020, GM finished in first place with 2.55 million, while Toyota and Ford reported 2.11 million and 2.04 million, respectively. .

The result for 2021 is partly due to the semiconductor shortage crisis that has affected the global automotive industry. This forced large manufacturers to focus on their most profitable models, which affected their market performance.

GM has been the largest vehicle dealer in the United States since 1931, when it overtook Ford, recalls Automotive News. However, Toyota accepted its success without making a fuss, announcing that it has never been a priority for the Japanese manufacturer to be number one.

“For us, this achievement is not so important and we do not intend to use it for any advertising. We are grateful to our loyal customers, who remain our top priority, “said Senior Vice President Jack Hollis.

Analysts acknowledge that Toyota is coping with the chip shortage better than other carmakers. In turn, GM announced that they had a very strong year in the United States in sales of full-size SUVs and large pickups, focusing on profitability. The concern is confident that after the normalization of the supply of electronic components will regain the first place in sales in the United States.

Photo: Toyota

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