Sony has introduced an electric crossover

The electronics giant has set up a division to enter the EV market.

From new OLED TVs to game consoles and virtual reality goggles, we can say for sure that Sony has something to show this week at the CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. But the Japanese will present something even more interesting – a concept electric crossover, as well as their ambitions to enter the automotive sector.

The car, called Sony Vision-S 02, is the second experience of the automotive theme by the electronics giant, after the introduction in 2020 electric sedan Vision-S 01. Although the new model is very similar to the raised version of the sedan with 4 seats, it is with a much more practical layout with three rows of seats and 7 seats.

The new model has a length of 4900 mm, a width of 1930 mm and a height of 1650 mm. The wheelbase is 3030 mm and the weight of the machine is 2480 kg. The crossover, “shod” with 20-inch wheels is four-wheel drive, thanks to two electric motors – one mounted on each axle.

Each of the electric units has a maximum power of 200 kW (272 hp), as in the Vision-S 01. There are no official data on acceleration yet, but certainly the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h will take more from the 4.8 seconds of the 130 kg lighter sedan.

The extra weight also affected the top speed of the Sony Vision-S 02, which is 180 km / h or 60 km / h less than the Sony Vision-S 01 sedan. The technical similarities between the two prototypes go beyond electric motors, such as cars have identical length and wheelbase.

However, the crossover is a bit wider and, of course, taller. The two cars also share their air suspension, although the newer concept has a higher ground clearance – 157 mm, or about 20 more than the sedan.

When they introduced the Vision-S 01 at CES 2020, Sony stubbornly rejected plans to enter the automotive industry. Later, however, it became clear that the company was developing a campaign to develop and test the electric sedan, and now it became clear that the Japanese are creating a new division called Sony Mobility, which “will explore the possible entry into the electric car market.”

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