BMW showed paint that changes colors

The function is activated by pressing a button in the car (VIDEO)

The CES Consumer Electronics Show has started, with one of its most notable exhibits being the BMW, which is changing its colors. In this case, the iX electric crossover, equipped with innovative painting technology.

Curiously, BMW did not disclose details about the new type of paint used. It is only reported that “the technology that changes the appearance of the vehicle is activated by pressing a button in the cabin”.

A video of the crossover appeared almost immediately on the Internet, showing the iX painted in a plain shade of dark gray, which suddenly changes color to white. Then the paint begins to change from white to gray, and everything seems so unreal that it can be taken as a visual deception.

For the time being, BMW has not revealed whether it will offer the new technology of its production models or whether it has been developed in order to show the capabilities of the company’s technical department. The man who shot the video claims that the paint is very sensitive to temperature and BMW has prepared a spare vehicle if the iX shown is affected by hot or cold.

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