Tesla Model S has traveled 1210 km with a new company battery

Gemini technology can solve a major problem of electric vehicles.

Michigan-based Our Next Energy (ONE) has completed the first road tests of its new Gemini technology. For the tests, the Tesla Model S received a battery with twice the capacity of the original and traveled 1,210 km on a single charge, Carscoops reports.

It is a fact that electric cars are developing at a very fast pace, but they are still far from selling cars with internal combustion engines. The main reason is the concern about the relatively low mileage, and this makes many companies work to create batteries with higher mileage, which, respectively, travel longer distances.

The recently launched startup One boasted that it is on track to solve mileage problems by designing a new battery that collects much more energy. The technology was demonstrated in the Tesla Model S, which was tested in December on the roads of Michigan. The converted electric car was named Gemini 001, and the original battery with a capacity of 103 kW / h was replaced by a new one with a capacity of 203.7 kW / h.

Despite its larger capacity, the One’s battery is the same size as the original. During the test, the Model S was traveling at an average speed of 88 km / h, and managed to cover 1210 km on a single charge. The company also published a video of the tests of the new battery.

“The ONE Gemini battery aims to eliminate the range as an obstacle to the acceptance of electric vehicles by doubling the available energy in the same space,” said company founder Mujib Ijaz.

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