A vacuum cleaner specialist, he became the head of Volvo

Jim Rowan replaces Hakan Samuelson, who resigns after 10 years at the helm of the company.

Swedish carmaker Volvo has announced changes at the highest management level. The company’s current CEO Hakan Samuelson is stepping down on March 21 and will be replaced by Jim Rowan, who comes from a completely different industry sector.

Samuelson took office in 2012, two years after officially joining the company. In a press release about the changes, Volvo explained the departure of the manager with the expiration of his contract. The Swede will also leave his position as a member of the board of directors of the brand, although for some time he will hold this position in the subsidiary Polestar, which is soon expected to be listed on the Nasdaq stock market.

Jim Rowan comes from the technology sector and has been the CEO of Ember Technologies, a company that produces innovative coffee and tea cups that maintain optimal temperatures on their own. He previously worked as the head of the Dyson Group, a global manufacturer of vacuum cleaners that had plans to produce electric cars. And later in his career he was the chief operating officer of the phone and technology solutions company BlackBerry.

According to the company’s official statement, Rowan’s choice was prompted by his extensive experience of more than 30 years in software development, digital transformation and the design of innovative consumer products. And so it will help the carmaker achieve its strategic goals and establish itself as a leader.

“I am happy to join the Volvo Cars team at such an exciting time, transforming both industry and consumer sentiment. The company’s success in terms of innovation, safety and quality, combined with inspiring technological and environmental capabilities, will delight “They put me in the driving position for the years to come,” said Jim Rowan.

Hakan Samuelson, for his part, said: “I am delighted to congratulate Jim on his new role in continuing the development of Volvo Cars. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all employees of the company for the incredible progress we have made together over the past 10 years. “Not only because it has made Volvo one of the fastest growing and most trusted premium car brands, but also because it has always been committed to innovation and meaningful leadership.”

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