Chevrolet Silverado also went on electricity

The big pickup received a power of 664 km and a mileage of 643 km.

The electrification of popular models continues in full force and another proof of this is the Chevrolet Silverado. This is not the first all-electric pickup and not even the first in the General Motors range, but it will certainly be the most important for the American concern.

Silverado EV is full of all sorts of smart features and technologies, and the figures provided by the manufacturer are more than impressive. The pickup will have a mileage of 643 km on a single charge thanks to the largest package of Ultium batteries ever installed. The two electric motors develop a total power of 664 hp. and 1063 Nm of torque, and in Wide Open Watts (WOW) acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h will take 4.5 seconds.

The fast charging with direct current at 350 kW will allow the addition of 170 km of mileage in just 10 minutes. In addition, the pickup can carry a load of up to 4.5 tons and carry 600 kg in its load compartment.

GM clarifies that these values ​​are for the top version of RST, but first the basic version WT (Work Truck) will be released. It will have 510 hp. and 834 Nm, and the weight of the towed trailer or caravan will be reduced to 3.6 tons. A version that can weigh up to 9 tons will appear at a later stage.

The top-of-the-line RST will have swivel rear wheels, adaptive air suspension, a Super Cruise system and a Flex Midgate function that can be configured in various ways for the pickup’s load compartment. With the rear seats folded and the rear door open, the Silverado EV RST will be able to carry loads longer than 3 meters, which is almost twice as much as the standard version.

The interior of the Silverado EV is well known from other models of the brand, but there are some innovations. Digital displays dominate, with the RST version getting a 17-inch center screen that extends to an 11-inch digital dashboard. If that’s not enough, the driver also has a head-up display with a field of view spanning 14 inches.

All versions of the pickup will use the new software platform based on Ultifi Linux, developed by GM itself and allowing frequent updates remotely. However, some of the systems in the car – such as air conditioning and radio, for example, will be controlled manually. The absence of an engine allows extra space for loads and objects in the front.

In addition, the RST and WT modifications have a more aerodynamic body compared to the standard Silverado and each has a PowerBase charging system with 10 outputs and 10.2 kW of electric power. This system can power tools, toys or the whole house if needed. The Silverado EV can also charge other electric vehicles, just like its major competitors in the market.

The start of production of the electric pickup is planned for early 2023, and it will begin with the WT version. The RST will be released in the fall of the same year, with prices ranging from $ 41,495 for the base version to $ 105,000 for the highest equipment.

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