Mercedes-Benz EQV has become a camper

The machine has solar panels to recharge the batteries while you rest.

The European camper and caravan industry has become more electrified thanks to the recent conversion of the Mercedes-Benz EQV from the Swiss company Sortimo Walter Rüegg PLC. Specialists have made a holiday machine with which to make your vacation in nature without any harmful emissions.

The EQV is the all-electric bathtub equivalent of the Mercedes V-Class. Sortimo offers a wide range of modular modifications that turn the environmentally friendly machine into a compact camper. Extras include a sunroof covered with solar panels that offer 400 watts of power to charge the starter battery and extra batteries.

The folding roof adds more living space to the minibus plus a bed, and under it, after folding the seats, another full-size bed is stretched out. The company has also added a kitchenette with a sink, a double gas hob, a refrigerator and cupboards for storing utensils. They are located in a special compartment behind the last row of seats.

There is still no detailed information on how the added weight of the Sortim camper has affected the mileage of the electric Mercedes EQV. In general, the German carmaker offers a van with two drive options. The EQV 300 has a 90-kilowatt-hour battery with a range of between 326 and 363 km. EQV 250e with 60 kWh battery and autonomy between 213 and 236 km.

The electric bus comes with an intelligent navigation system that offers active mileage management to avoid dropping batteries. And while the EQV in Germany starts at 67,818 euros for the 250 and 72,280 for the 300, it is not yet known what the price will be for converting it into a camper by Swiss experts.

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