An old Toyota FJ Cruiser was sold three times more expensive than a new one

$ 81,500 was paid for the 2013 SUV.

Manufactured in 2013, the Toyota FJ Cruiser was sold at auction in the United States, organized by Bring a Trailer, and the SUV was paid 3 times more than it cost as brand new.

The car is in perfect condition, as it has traveled only 101 km and this partly explains its price – 81,500 dollars. At the moment, that’s how much the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 in the highest level of equipment costs. By comparison, the first owner of the SUV more than eight years ago paid $ 29,990 for the car as new.

It should also be noted that the car sold at auction is not only low mileage and in excellent condition, but also has extensive equipment. It includes off-road and comfort packages, as well as cruise control and a premium audio system, as well as 17-inch wheels.

Under the hood of the Toyota FJ Cruiser is a 4.0-liter V6 engine with 260 hp. and 367 Nm of torque, which is combined with the automatic transmission and four-wheel drive system. The SUV has a rear differential lock and Bilstein shock absorbers.

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