Volkswagen has stopped production of the Passat sedan

The station wagon remains in the range along with the two variants of the Arteon.

Volkswagen has discontinued production of the Passat sedan, as it did before Christmas, but the station wagon version will continue to be available. This was announced by Autocar, citing a representative of the brand. However, it is not specified whether this is just the market in the UK.

The company has decided to abandon the popular 4-door model due to stronger sales of the station wagon. The Passat B8 generation appeared in 2014, and the next generation is expected to appear in 2023. It will be built on the updated MQB platform, emphasizing practicality. Thus, the Passat will move to a higher class, receiving an all-electric version.

According to Autocar, in the UK the sales ratio between the station wagon and the sedan is 2: 1. The 4-door version is mostly used by corporate customers with large fleets, while private individuals prefer the station wagon.

Another factor in the premature death of the sedan is the existence of the fast-backed Arteon, which offers comparable interior levels and a similar range of engines as the Passat, albeit at a higher price.

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